Wonka Bars

Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Wonka Bars has quickly become a favorite of ours. This dark colored flower has a garlic funk nose due to its lineage of GMO. Ours is sativa leaning and is a wonderful stone.


Wonka Bars is a great “movie weed” strain and could even be enjoyed before some physical activity for those who like a heavy Indica punch to balance the strong Sativa high. The flower is a unique blend of GMO cross-bred with Mint Chocolate Chip.


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  1. ThisGuy

    Looks just like the picture and the buds smell is so potent!
    Three big fat huge marijuana nugs(1/8) come in one plastic black re-close-able container(high quality container).
    I like it
    I like the bud
    I like the presentation
    I like the quality
    I like the guy that delivers the great bud
    I like ZeroGravityExtracts
    I like it all
    This is high quality bud
    Get some soon = )

  2. ThisGuy

    You can smell it across the house AND DO NOT OPEN IT IN YOUR CAR (unless you want it smelling like Great-marijuana for about two hours)

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