Grape Invaders

Breeder: Aligee Genetics 

Another one of our “fruity” cultivars, Grape Invaders has been a welcoming new addition to our lineup. A well balanced 50/50 indica-sativa, it will leave you stoney and satisfied. The darker bud coloring and profile is packed with tasty terpenes.


A well-balanced 50:50 Hybrid strain, referred to as “Grape Invader”. Now for the flower’s namesake she unsuspectingly emulates her physicality; dark purple grape leaves invading her evergreen nugs whilst producing a heavy resin content should you decide to break this beauty down the old-fashioned way. Distinct sour yet slightly spicy undertones with citrus due to the terpenes present; Limonene 1.25%, B-Caryophyllene .50%, and Linalool .20% with 23.53%-24% levels of THC. Get swept away with Grape Invader’s exotic and frosty experience and the feeling of un-proclaimed childhood happiness, sure to leave you oversharing and filled with creative passion. Lose anxiety and be the social butterfly you’ve always so desperately wanted to be and boost your confidence.