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Headquartered in Saco, Maine Zero Gravity Extracts is a premier cannabis concentrates and flower company. Maine’s medical marijuana program is the best in the country and we will participate in it as long as possible. For us, the medical attributes of the plant and the respect it deserves comes first. Regardless of which program group we are in, we will always put the consumer first. Most people ingesting cannabis are using it medicinally whether they realize it or not.

Where to Find Us

Zero Gravity products are now available in dispensaries around Maine and New England. Check out the map below to find our products nearest you. Interested in carrying our products in your store? Email

Maine Marijuana Delivery

If you’re a cannabis consumer take advantage of our Maine marijuana delivery services. If you operate a storefront or recreational cannabis retail shop please reach out, we are always looking for new partners! For us it’s all about quality and customer service. There aren’t many that produce the quality with the quantity we can, thus allowing us to offer our product at a lower cost than the competition.

Our Facility

Zero Gravity will also be participating in Maine’s recreational cannabis industry by pushing the boundaries of what cannabis flower & concentrates can be. We are equipped with a state of the art 12,000 sq. ft. grow facility and State of Maine certified C1D1 extraction facility, making our cannabis business 100% vertically integrated.

Work With Us!

If you’re a Maine medical marijuana caregiver or recreational cannabis cultivator ask us about our extraction services. We’d love to partner with you on extraction services. Our cannabis extraction partners are always pushing the boundaries of what clean cannabis concentrates can be. The lab in our facility is efficient with all proper State and local certifications occupied by forward thinking extraction artists. We provide all traditional Maine marijuana extraction techniques as well as some dank proprietary products.

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